SH!T client or R8 client?

One question that is being asked is “Does the title SH!TCLIENT stop people posting reviews?” even though the reviews are anonymous. If they love their client will then not post a review? We like SH!TCLIENT as it is an emotive and memorable. They used to say “no such thing as bad publicity”, but is that […]

Mobile first

Now when you think about any application, you need to consider the mobile user and hence the smaller form factor first.  Not build a site and then decide how it will scale.  Which is why we have looked at how people can search for a client, check out reviews and post their reviews quickly and […]

Private Beta launches: fuelled by anger

Why fuelled by anger? After a very recent painful experience some time ago and I decided to launch  SH! which is in Beta. It is like TripAdvisor, Yelp or GlassDoor,  but for professional services. It’s a very simple idea. You can see the anonymous ratings of companies by their professional services firms, e.g. consultants, IT developers, […]

Anonymity is key here.

The reviews are anonymous. Your name and email are not posted with your review. Just like GlassDoor who has employees rate their employers – so no fear of any comeback. But the reviews need to be real. The consumer world has got a lot of bad press for outsourcing the creation of bogus reviews. This […]